Back to school…………

My son started the 2nd grade 2 weeks ago….it has not been a very good start to the year since we tried to not medicate him. Every day was new note home from his teacher. “Your son is not able to focus, misbehaves, talks………” Papers coming home incomplete. He was even unable to write the days of the week. After a call from his teacher on
Friday, we decided it was time for
him to start back on Concerta.
I worry about him having stomach aches and not eating well. Having worse sleep issues. Will he have major meltdowns at 4pm daily?

After two days he is feeling better. He is loving and sweet. Happy and focused. He said he feels amazing!!!!! Music to my ears!

I am hoping school will have a different outcome beginning tomorrow!!!!

I know many people are against medicating their kids for ADHD, but it helps our son so much that I feel like I am letting him down if I allow him to fail himself by not working to his potential.

Haters can hate! Welcome to it!

Update: my son has slept through the night for 2 night! Which is a major accomplishment for him. He had a better day at school yesterday, too!!!! I am so happy when he is happy and flourishing!!!!


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