Going Gluten-Free…….

I knew it was coming. I knew eventually we would decide to give up yummy gluten. And it is happening ……..today.
I am hoping a gluten free diet will help P with his ADD and help in the weight department, too. I know this will be hard for a few weeks……..but we have to try. P HAS eczema, digestion issues, head and stomach aches along with his ADD.
So our mission today is to clean out the cabinets and fridge and get rid of the gluten. Bye bye!!!! We are gifting our unopened gluten ridden frozen foods to our friend who still loves gluten. Oh, in a day or so I might be at her house raiding her freezer. Lol
Then off to the grocery store to search for items that we can eat. Thank goodness my Mom is Gluten Free. We call her Gluten Free Grandma. (She hates that.)
I told P that he can eat all of the fruits and veggies his heart desires. And he came back with……..I guess I will starve then. My heart never desires fruit and veggies.
Great, we are off to a good start!  Lmbo
Here we go on our new Gluten Free expedition! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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