Lady……Put Down The Electronics……..

Today is day two of my social media strike. Yes, I am writing on my blog….haha. I made the decision to log off of Facebook and stay off for at least a month. I am completely addicted to Facebook. I could scroll and scroll and scroll all day long. Liking and commenting to my hearts content. But it is hard to be that connected electronically and connected to my family, too.
When I told my son that I had uninstalled Facebook from my phone and tablet he smiled from ear-to-ear!!  I told him I was doing it to spend more quality time with him and our family.
Yesterday, we drew pictures together and decided we needed to make an apple pie…so we made our list from our Betty Crocker Cookbook. I felt close to him. It has been a while since I felt that way. I have missed him. And I was right here the whole time. Time is precious don’t waste it on social media.


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