Intuniv To The Rescue……………..

After realizing that Concerta was causing a “sniffing” tic we decided to switch my son’s ADD medication. While the stimulant worked good for P, I was concerned about possible addiction and I am not willing to have a medication create more problems for him.

We settled on Intuniv. I really liked the fact that it is a 24 hour medication and its not a stim. It has only been about 2 weeks, but I have seen an improvement in my son and he has his personality back! No rebound and fewer meltdowns.

One thing I have noticed is his concentration is not focused. When we read together he is bouncing all over the place. So I am going to keep an eye on it for the rest of the summer. If we have to add a stim for school I guess that is what we have to do.

Anyway, we think the Intuniv is helping our little guy!

Oh, and I started reading a great new book called Boy Without Instructions. It is amazing. Check it out!!

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