Dreary, Rainy Day……….

I love rainy days! I am hoping this storm that is coming really gets our ground wet. I love the cozy feeling of being inside with my family chilling out. Right now, my niece, Kass and Peyton are playing video games on his PS2. No yelling…..screaming….bickering. So I sit back on the couch and breathe while taking in some local news. It may only be a couple minutes of silence.
I am praying that the meltdown over the “wanted” XBOX 360 will not happen today. It has been a crazy 2 day battle with my little fella. I keep waiting for my money tree to bloom. But it hasn’t happened. And his chore list is still sitting alone without a check mark on it for a completed chore. So his piggy bank is not filling up.
We just started Peyton on Intuniv to help him with his rebound from Concerta. Today is like day 4…….I am not sure if it’s helping him or not yet. He isn’t sleeping any better. Oh…… the battle with finding balance to create smiles on the face of the boy who holds my heart. I really hate how hard he has to fight sometimes to make the smile form on his lips.  Maybe some pudding pops will help…….this mama will try anything.


Peyton and I when he was 5 months old.

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